Ever since I took my first Integral Yoga and Transcendental Meditation classes in 1971 at the East West Center in the University of Hawaii, I have been practicing and teaching.  I knew immediately that yoga was necessary in my life, and it has been my guiding star. My practice and teaching continue to expand and evolve.  Yoga has woven around and into my social work and massage professions to create a tapestry of human potential work.

I was also given Swami Satchidananda’s book Integral Yoga Hatha as a gift that year, and it has been on my shelf ever since. Although I have studied many styles and with many learned teachers, I recognize Swami Satchidananda as my first and foremost teacher.  His belief in the importance of practicing peace within oneself to contribute to peace in the world continues to resonate with my social worker soul.

I am honored to share my yoga life perspective with the intention that you will find inspiration and support for your own self-actualization.  I am passionate about teaching yoga and meditation as accessible practices that integrate into every day life for every day people.  I continue to develop yoga programs that enhance activities like riding horses, golf and most recently stand up paddle boarding.

I attribute my basic values to my Midwestern upbringing. Born and raised in Michigan surrounded by water, I felt safe and free.  The Golden Rule of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” still guides me and fits well with the yamas and niyamas. When I moved to Hawaii in 1970, I was grateful to be immersed in the culture for the next 36 years.  Again surrounded by water, I thrived on the basic Hawaiian cultural values of helping one another (kokua), taking only what was needed (lokahi), and being steadfast (malama pono) in relationship to others, source of life, and the earth.  Swimming with dolphins in Honaunau Bay inspired me to develop “Golfin Dolphin”, a yoga golf program to teach golfers how to play the inner game of golf like dolphins live, with joy, harmony and fun.

I have loved horses since the first time I saw one as a toddler, and it was a natural step to develop “Yoga and Horses” with my friends Tammy Pate and Nancy Jones on Nancy’s Circle J Ranch in Waimea on the Big Island.  From Hawaii, “Yoga and Horses” moved to the Home Ranch in Clark, Colorado, in 2006.  Tammy Pate inspires students to use the yoga I teach to become a more conscious partner with the horse. It has evolved into four women’s retreats a year in one of the truly unique places on the planet.

Moving to Florida to help my aging parents in 2006 was a social culture shock, and finding a yoga community here has been my salvation.  Again surrounded by water, I am grateful for the diverse culture, the arts, and the opportunity to expand my yoga practice and teachers training at ReFlex Arts and Yoga studio.  There I embraced aerial yoga, and earned the 200 hour and 500 hour YTT certifications.  I am now teaching stand up paddle board yoga with Surfitusa, a diverse stand up paddle board company that offers SUP tours and destination trips, led by Aaron Pollock who grew up on Oahu at the time I was attending the university and first learning yoga.  Unknown to us at the time, we were living across Palolo Valley from one another, and hiked to the same waterfalls.  Meeting Aaron and his wife Karla in Sarasota has been a blessing and yet another synchronistic event in my life!

Namaste and Aloha