500 hour RYT

I am grateful to Ginny East at ReFlex Arts and Yoga for providing the 200 hour and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings that expanded my yoga studies, immersed me in a thriving yoga community, and adhered to the basic yoga principles.  I had been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation for over 40 years when I began the 200 hour certification class with some trepidation.  I have come out the other end of these 2 years of study with a high regard for the ReFlex school, and the intent of Yoga Alliance to standardize teaching, and to keep students safe.

Massage License in Hawaii

I have maintained my massage license since 1977, and continue to study anatomy and physiology as it relates to yoga.  My studies continue to confirm that the body is a miraculous gift that we are given at birth, and every choice we make impacts the health of the body, mind, heart and spirit.

Masters Degree in Social Work from University of Hawaii

I use all of my social work skills in my teaching.  Social work for me is about connecting myself and others to the next healthiest choice in every area of our lives.  This applies to the next depth of meditation, the next level of asana practice, the next better health practice, the next better feeling, the next better thought, and on and on.

SURFit USA Paddle Board Yoga Certification

This is my latest adventure – taking yoga on to the water is the best marriage of my 2 loves in life!  SURFit has provided an incredible structure for practicing yoga is some of the most beautiful places in the world!  The certification program is a collaboration between myself, SURFit, and ReFlex Yoga School to bring this certification to yoga teachers who want to expand their yoga practice and teaching environments.

Aerial Yoga Certification

My aerial sling hangs on my lanai and travels with me for my own practice, and to share with others where ever I go.  For me, it is a freer, more expansive practice to be in the air rather than on the ground.  I love to wake up and walk out to hang in an inversion to start my day!

Chair Yoga Certification

This is an important practice for me to share with special needs people and for myself in driving, working, and sitting situations.