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Meditation is a gentle process that guides the thinking mind into the silence beyond thoughts.  It is a way of teaching the mind to relax and center in the moment, to be completely present in each breath.

“Meditation takes us beyond the confines of doubt, fear, and judgment of the mind, to the silence of our Soul, our Spirit.  Just a few minutes every day allows us to experience wholeness in our lives and unlock a realm of infinite possibilities.”  Deepak Chopra, MD.

Meditation is like focusing on the expanse of space, while witnessing the stars and planets that move through the vastness.  Resting the mind in this place of heightened awareness allows thoughts and sensations to move through quietly in the background, like being aware of the stars in the sky, but choosing to focus instead on the space between them.  The brain continues it’s job of spewing out thoughts, but the witnessing mind continually chooses to focus on the stillness between the thoughts.

Thoughts can be compelling and often lure the mind into chasing the next thought then the next, faster and faster, often repeating similar thoughts in circular patterns.  Such thinking obscures the quiet essence of Self.  Negative thoughts can become “addictive” to the ego, the part of the psyche that wants to control the environment in order to feel safe.

Meditation and breath assist the knowing self by gently disciplining the thinking mind into a quieter rhythm, where thoughts recede into the background and the present moment becomes true reality.  It is here that the ego learns to release hyper-vigilance and fear.  The ego continues its job of maintaining unique differentiation, while learning to trust the knowing mind and the oneness of all things.  This trust reduces anxiety and stress and entrains the relaxation response.

Meditation induces deep relaxation where the knowing self heals the body, makes intuitive decisions, inspires the spirit, receives guidance, and satisfies the emotions.  This is the place of being centered in essence.  Regular meditation maintains this unique center, no matter what is going on in the outside world.



  • Close the door, turn off the phone, get comfortable, and relax each part of the body.
  • Allow thoughts and feelings to move through the background of the mind, as if the radio is playing a song in the other room and you choose to focus on breath rather than the lyrics.
  • Gently, continually, bring focus back to breath.   Breathing in, breathing out restfully.
  • Focusing on a mantra or a vowel sound can be helpful, as long as it does not inspire thinking.
  • Counting the breaths may help when repetitious thoughts are loud and compelling.
  • Begin meditating by committing to a few minutes and progressing to 20 minutes or longer once, then twice a day.
  • You will feel results immediately and experience profound changes over time.