My intention today.

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Yoga Zoe circle.jpg - yoga teacher tngMy intention in sharing my yoga lifestyle is to inspire and support our collective self-actualization.  At this time in my life, my purpose is to contribute to world peace by practicing and teaching yoga. It seems so simple, and yet after 40 + years, I often confront complacency and procrastination in my own practice.  It is an ever expanding and demanding adventure to maintain a daily yoga practice, one that penetrates into the moments in daily life when a deep breath helps to relax behind a slow driver, or choosing healthy foods helps digestion, or balancing on one foot helps the grocery line wait more fun, or choosing the best communication with a loved one keeps peace at home.  Practice on the mat, or horse, or paddle board, or aerial sling is my basic training for joyful daily living.  Just taking full breaths throughout the day is a victory in discipline.  Sitting in daily meditation is the ultimate training for managing thoughts that can support emotional balance, so the body can relax and the spirit can be free.  I am grateful for Swami Satchidananda, and all my teachers and students who have shaped my life to this point, and continue to support me in doing my daily practice!  Namaste!