Pololu waterfall hike-slider, yogaYoga is a way of being present in each breath and balancing the inner with the outer world.  Yoga provides the structure for union of all dimensions of the Self, as it offers physical, spiritual, emotional and mental harmony.

This way of life, rooted in yoga principles has been practiced in India for thousands of years and its universal truths are evident around the world.  In the United States we relate to yoga primarily as a series of poses (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama) for the physical body.  This form is commonly known as Hatha yoga.  Deep breathing and flowing movements benefit the body by toning the nervous system, improving circulation, increasing flexibility, reducing stress, and inspiring a deep sense of well-being.

Hatha yoga is a form of the Raja yoga path, the scientific approach that seeks to realize the full potential of one’s mental and psychic resources.  Another path is Karma yoga, which involves selfless service to humanity.  Jnana yoga is the philosophical path to spiritual evolution, which seeks to transcend the material world.  Bhakti yoga assists in channeling emotions into unconditional love.

At the root of yoga is the belief that we are spiritual beings in physical bodies.  The physical body is the doorway to expanding mental abilities, developing spiritual awareness, and experiencing emotions.

I encourage you to explore the many styles of Hatha yoga, and practice with teachers who are aligned with your essence.  Teachers will guide you in correct asana form which through repetition, imprints in cellular and muscular memory.  Form is the necessary foundation for range.  Range and depth follow correct form.  Yoga supports correct alignment of the spine and body.  It allows cellular and muscular memory to establish healthier patterns that assist in healing and rejuvenation.  DVDs, CDs and books can support your personal practice at home.