The seven basic chakras are a holographic field of information connecting the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms of Self with the flow of life source energy.  The characteristics of the energy centers vary with different traditions and belief systems.  Trust your intuitive sense of the chakras based on your own experience.  Each chakra is associated with organs, emotions, psychological conditions, colors and life issues.  Here is my simple description of the basic chakras.

The FIRST or Root chakra is located at the base of the pelvic floor and is associated with the color red.  It is the energy center of one’s basic essence, DNA and traditions passed down from ancestors.  It is connected to the immune and central nervous systems, personal expression and individual uniqueness.  The dominant emotions expressed here are trust, security, and safety.

The SECOND chakra is located a few inches below the navel (referred to as the chi, ki, or kath point), and is associated with the color orange.  It is the energy center of taking our basic nature and relating to the world.  Relationships with others, money, work, and purpose in life are connected in this chakra.  It is associated with organs of pro-creation and elimination and emotions involved with the balance of giving and receiving. 

The THIRD chakra is found at the solar plexus and is connected to the color yellow.  It is the energy center of balancing the earth-bound self with the heavenly self, the physical with the spiritual.  The organs of assimilation are based here, along with emotions connected to self-esteem, self-respect, competence, responsibility, and the balance of competition with surrender.

The FOURTH chakra is at the heart center in the middle of the chest, is the color green and represents unconditional love for Self, others, and the universe.  The heart, lungs, and blood are based here, and it is the center of emotional expression.  Nurturing Self and others, intimacy, grief, forgiveness, and the capacity to express joy are the emotions found here.

The FIFTH chakra is at the base of the throat, the color is turquoise, and represents the energy of speaking one’s truth, clear communication, verbal and non-verbal.  It is located near the thyroid gland, which is a main leader of communication in the endocrine system.  Self-esteem and valuing one’s perspective, balancing listening with speaking, and balancing willfulness with compliance reside here.

The SIXTH chakra is at the third eye center between the eyebrows, is associated with royal blue, and is the location of intuitive knowledge that is received from Life Source.  All of the senses are connected to one’s unique view of the world from a balanced right and left brain perspective.  The emotion of trusting the self enough to take action is a main concern here.

The SEVENTH chakra is located just above the top of the head, is deep purple and is the energy center of opening and inviting divine guidance and knowledge from Life Source.  It is this knowledge that guides life in a synchronistic flow of decisions and choices.  Joy, courage and acceptance of one’s life purpose reside here.