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Yoga is the Vedic science of Self-Actualization that has been practiced for over 5,000 years.  Horses ARE self-actualized.  The combination of Yoga and horsemanship creates a perfect synergy of natural heightened awareness, resulting in reciprocal partnerships between humans and horses.

Each person brings their unique life perspective, history, and present situation to the horse.

Each horse brings their particular breeding, history, training, and present place in the herd to the human.

Yoga is the lifestyle bridge between human and horse perspectives that allows for deeper communication, stronger trust and a more satisfying relationship.

Yoga is a way of being centered and at one with the Inner Self and Outer World.  It enhances the union of mind, body, heart, and spirit with the natural world.  Hatha yoga is a practice of conscious breathing (pranayama) and physical positions (asanas) that relax the nervous system, improve circulation, increase flexibility, reduce stress, expand awareness, and increase inner peace.

There are many styles of Yoga that have been brought to the West.

Integral Hatha Yoga is a comfortable flowing style brought to the United States by Swami Sachidananda in the 1960’s.  It is light-hearted, clear-minded, open-spirited, and designed to bring deeper awareness into every breath, activity, intention, and feeling.  It is based in the desire to promote world peace.  This yoga style fits perfectly with the practice of gentle horsemanship.

The heightened balance between body, mind, heart and spirit communicates a gentle strength that horses respond to naturally.  The horse and rider connect with greater understanding which supports cooperation and respect.

Horses, being flight animals have developed a heightened sensitivity to their environment and every thing in it.  Practicing yoga encourages humans to develop inner awareness that expands sensitivity in all areas of life.  This increased sensitivity allows humans to get closer to the horse’s level of self-actualization and inspire a unique bond of trust.  This trusting relationship grows more intuitive, and continues to expand as humans commit to a daily practice of inner awareness, present-time focus, and self-actualization.